I don’t usually put anything too personal on this here blog, but these are exceptional circumstances. On Friday, chez Simon was hit by the flash floods which swept this part of west Berkshire. It could have been much worse: others in the same street had it much worse than we did. But we’ve got no broadband, and a lot more important things to do than muse on the future of news, e-government and all that.

If anyone was expecting any work-related communication from me this week, can I beg you to be patient. One of the neighbours has opened up their wifi network for emergency use, so my connectivity is going to be severely limited, although not completely dead. But being realistic, I’ve got to get my life back together, and everything else comes second for a few days. Please hold.

4 thoughts on “Flooded”

  1. I’m realising there are several levels of blog readership/friendship: those who leave comments, those who use the contact form, those who know an email address and send directly, and those who really show off by sending text messages to my (generally secret) mobile. You all know who you are.
    Thanks to all for the good wishes. After a day and a half of washing and trashing, the place is recognisable again, albeit a bit more bare than I remember. It’ll take weeks to recover – or indeed, several years if you include the impact on my insurance premiums. But once I get my own broadband back, it’ll be more-or-less back to normal.
    Look out for a forthcoming post about the Environment Agency’s website, by the way. According to them, we aren’t in a flood-risk area. 😕

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