Make your own stamp-sized stickers with Moo

From the people who brought you those mini-business cards, some even mini-er (but just as cute) stickers. Moo is now doing books of 90 square stickers, each marginally bigger than a postage stamp. Six to a sheet, printed on vinyl. Same deal as the business cards: you can upload your own images, and if you like, you can upload 90 images and have each sticker different. Just a fiver – and free delivery during July. Expect any written correspondence from me to come adorned with them. I can feel a prolongated session on Photoshop coming on.

One thought on “Make your own stamp-sized stickers with Moo”

  1. Hi,
    Wanting to make some small stickers for a friend who is becoming more and more craftier by the day. She makes potions, teas and all that stuff and needs something small with her name, details and a picture of a butterfly on it. Can you help??

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