Another big-backing Tory blog imminent

Picking up a thread from earlier in the week… there’s talk of another new Conservative blog on the horizon. The site, bearing the name Platform Ten and (Iain Dale tells us) set to appear at, is reported to have the backing of a former senior Cameron aide, and is intended to balance the ‘unhappiness of many grassroots Tory activists with the Cameron leadership’ as seen at ConservativeHome. (Speaking of which… CH ran an article on Wednesday musing on the still lopsided blogosphere.) Some quick research confirms that it’s being built by a company called Contact MultiMedia, based in Glasgow, with former ‘Dave babe’ Fiona Melville leading the work.

Meanwhile, my post from Tuesday attracted a comment from none other than Guido Fawkes, who noted: ‘In discussions with Iain last year we were convinced that we could not maintain our ascendency. Alex Hilton was the only left-wing blogger who I found entertaining. I think the left needs a blogger who has good news values, can write and has the time. Iain and myself had the means to afford to devote time to blogging.’

Well, if time is indeed the issue, it doesn’t look like Alex Hilton is banking on having much time on his hands: he’s just revealed that he’s trying to become an MP.