WordPress to do 'proper' workflow

I’ve never hidden my adoration of WordPress. I don’t come across many small-scale websites which couldn’t be done at least as well, or probably better, in WordPress. And now they’re introducing a proper workflow element, the middle market may be up for grabs too.

Starting with WordPress 2.3… contributors will now have a new button. It acts as a counterpart to the “Publish” button that Authors (and above) get. The button says “Submit for Review.” It leverages a new post_status called “pending.” Pending posts show up as links above the Write Post screen for Editors and Administrators, along with the “nags” for your own drafts and others’ drafts.

Do you really need any more? The only possible glitch is that the WordPress interface has always been optimised for one-person usage, and doesn’t look like a ‘proper’ CMS. In many respects, though, that’s a good thing.

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