Puffbox map app proves its power

Regular readers will be all too aware of the NewsMap mashup application produced by my consultancy operation, Puffbox. The concept was to produce a tool to let journalists create interactive maps in a matter of minutes (ish), to tell stories where geography was a key element. Such as the current flooding story.
Sky News flood map
So I’m delighted to say that our first client, Sky News has used it to put together an interactive map of Yorkshire, dotted with photos and video clips. And I have to say, they’ve done a fantastic job of it. There’s even a coloured polygon!
Ah… I love it when a plan comes together. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Puffbox map app proves its power”

  1. Hey Simon,
    I’ve had exactly the same idea for a mashup, so I’ve gone round researching the idea and as the maxim goes, “It’s all been done before.” I found your site incredibly fascinating! You have some really great insights into tech and government, so needless to say I’ll be keeping a watchful eye.
    As an aside, I’ve seen a few newsmaps, but yours looks like one of the best so far.

  2. Wow Uno, thanks. Certainly I’m pleased with it so far. It’s great to hand something over to a client, then to see what they do with it. You get all excited all over again… 🙂

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