How do you say 'web 2.0'?

Over on the BT Business blog, we’re running a short video clip from last week’s webcast on the subject of social networking. I can’t help noticing that although the panel managed to reach a consensus on what ‘web 2.0’ is, they couldn’t actually agree on how to say it.

One said ‘web two point oh’, which – I have to say – is my own personal preference. One said ‘web two point zero’. One said ‘web two oh’. One said ‘web two dot oh’. Four panellists, four pronunciations. (Oh, and a couple of my own clients are currently favouring the rather terse ‘web two’.)

We talk about ‘word of mouth’ marketing. Looks to me like the spread of the ‘web 2.0’ ethos has been entirely via the written, rather than the spoken word.

3 thoughts on “How do you say 'web 2.0'?”

  1. I’m happy with ‘web two point oh’ or ‘web two point zero’. And somehow I feel more American when I say the latter.

  2. I always though two point oh was the more American (and therefore closer to ‘proper’) way. Perhaps we should campaign for point nought to stick up for British pronunciation.

  3. Nice one, Simon. I must say that I also say “two point oh”. I’m struck by my split second hesitation before this comes out of my mouth at conferences, etc. It’s like a nervous twitch.

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