Twitter by SMS? Beware international charges

A word of warning for any Twitter users in the UK who want to update their status via SMS text message. I set this up for the first time last month, and just received my first mobile phone bill since doing so. It came as a bit of a surprise to see that, on my network (3) at least, the messages are not included within my contract allowance – and were charged at 25p each!
The itemised bill shows the number (07624801423) as belonging to Manx Telecom, and hence it would seem, is counted as an ‘international’ message. According to some reports I’ve seen, other networks may be similarly affected. There is a mention of SMS charges on the Twitter site, but it certainly doesn’t indicate clearly that UK users – who, crucially, will not be using an international dialling code – are charged at international rates.

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  1. I noticed that too last month. It is likely that Twitter got tax-breaks setting up their sms router on the Isle of Man as it’s a tax haven. I didnt give too much thought as I’m from there and know that my network doesn’t bill my texts as international.
    But you’re right to point out that not all networks do… my sister in London gets charged about £1.50 a minute to call my mum even though she lives on a rock 30 miles west of Liverpool!

  2. That’s interesting. I am on the pay as you go tariff with Tesco, and have been charged just the standard 10p a text. Yet when I tried to put down the twitter number as one of my three favourite numbers, it would not allow me to, as they have to be a UK number. That indicates that it is classed as an international number, yet I am only being charged UK rates.

  3. I’ve found the ideal solution for someone, like me, on a very generous data tariff: use the Nokia Widsets engine. Oh, and switch to Jaiku as well. 😉

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