Nokia's Widsets: good for Twitter, great for Jaiku

Having been stung for international SMS messages when using Twitter, I’ve found the perfect alternative: using Nokia’s rather fantastic Widsets application instead. Widsets is (basically) a widget platform for mobile phones, which means (even more basically) little RSS feed applications for selected websites, some with extra functionality. In this case, it’s a mini-Twitter app which lets you see other people’s updates, and post your own from your mobile – crucially, using your data connection rather than SMS. So if you’re on the right tariff, you can update as much as you like, at zero extra cost.

Or indeed, don’t use Twitter at all – use Jaiku instead. I wasn’t overly impressed by Jaiku’s own application for the Series60 mobile phone OS. But their Widset app is much more like it! The ability to ‘mash up’ feeds from other places makes it much better in my book… and besides, we Europeans should stick up for each other. 🙂