What people want from Directgov

A new Directgov survey reveals what people say they want from online government services. A few of them seem sensible, and more importantly, do-able: it would be a huge boost for Directgov’s credibility if they were to make substantial progress on some of these, in double-quick time. (Text-messaging parents if their kids don’t show up at school ought to be a doddle, surely?)

Others, frankly, are sci-fi… making me wonder whether this was a ‘serious’ survey, or a cheap ‘get some news coverage’ PR stunt. But most disturbing of all, some are already available online – I’m specifically thinking of the #1 desire for motorists ‘in the future’, the ability to renew car tax online. Here’s a hint: try searching Google for ‘renew car tax online’. There’s even a ‘sponsored link’ at the top of the page, telling you where to go. And guess which bright orange government website it points you to.

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