Miliband guest-blogs at the Telegraph

David Miliband continues to extend his influence across the web: during his trip to the US this week, he’s going to be writing a ‘daily log’ for the new ‘Earth’ section of the Telegraph website. Not the first time he’s done this: last year he fed content (via audio) from a UN conference in Kenya. Definitely an interesting approach: making use of existing platforms with larger audiences, rather than attempting to build up his own. Precisely the matter being reviewed by Tom Steinberg for the Cabinet Office, with publication (supposedly) imminent.

The Telegraph’s Earth section itself is really well put together… plenty of substantial content, although it does bear the mark of the Business Development Manager. There’s heavy promotion for its sponsors, without whom I wonder if this would have existed. And they really need to check its cross-browser compatibility: the ‘water efficiency calculator’ on the section home page is yer basic Flash, but it no like Firefox.