Google Analytics gets properly googlified

I’ve always liked the Google Analytics website analysis tool… mainly because of the pricetag. (Zero.) It gave you all the top-line usage statistics you’d be looking for, and a lot more besides, but it always felt a bit too fussy. Google bought the product in, took away the subscription model, but didn’t really get round to applying its trademark ‘beautifully simple, simply beautiful’ house style. Until now.

I logged in this morning, to apply tracking code to my new WordPress-based blog/site, to be confronted by the new interface. And yes, this is Google all over. An entry screen packed with the sort of info you’d be looking for immediately. Huge Flash-based graphics, with interactive elements you’ll recognise from other Google products (eg Finance – which is looking great these days too). The ability to send scheduled reports by email, or export to PDF. When they say it’s ‘easy enough for a layperson to understand, but also offers the sophistication experienced users need’, they aren’t exaggerating.

4 thoughts on “Google Analytics gets properly googlified”

  1. I agree – the new interface is such a big improvement. I particularly like the export to PDF functionality and the fact that you can now actually see an average visit length for your website – I never worked out how to access this info on the old version.

  2. Now we know what the Measure Map acquisition was for.
    Adaptive Path UIs keep turning up all over Google- think Google Reader, new experimental search, Web History.

  3. Analytics is much better than before. It’s in with Reader as Google products that get better with v2.
    BTW, Simon, I noticed that your Puffbox contact page is just a placeholder at the moment. Have you tried this plugin?

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