Rolling back to IE6

First task of the day: uninstalling Internet Explorer v7, and getting used to v6 again. I’ve decided that too many clients are still sticking with IE6, for reasons I don’t immediately understand. But since you can’t (easily) have both on the same (XP Home) machine, I’ve had to make the choice… and the only sensible choice is to ensure you’re coding compatibly with the vast majority of clients. A relatively painless process, thankfully, with no obvious signs of side-effects. But it still feels very odd to be taking a backward step. I thought it was being forced on people automatically?

2 thoughts on “Rolling back to IE6”

  1. How depressing! I’m lumbered with IE6 at work, and it’s a nightmare. I believe that most organisations can choose which updates come through onto their networks, so have managed to block IE7 coming through.
    But why don’t organisations and businesses just switch to FireFox? The only reason I can think of is where systems are used which are IE dependent – which of course is the fault of the developers, not FireFox..

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