Inside story at the DCA – er, Ministry of Justice

A warm welcome to Jeremy Gould, the Department for Constitutional Affairs’s internet development manager, who has just started his first ‘work blog’. Jeremy’s got a hectic couple of days ahead, as DCA transforms itself into the new Ministry of Justice (which still sounds really odd). The new site goes live on Wednesday, and Jeremy promises ‘a vast improvement on the current incarnation, both in visual look, quality of editorial and technical build’.

He’s actually doing some remarkably brave stuff for a civil servant… indeed, I can’t immediately think of any civil servants who put their name to a blog about their work. Hope he doesn’t get told off for it… disclaimer or no disclaimer.

2 thoughts on “Inside story at the DCA – er, Ministry of Justice”

  1. Thanks for that, and for taking the time to check out the new site. All feedback is good at this stage as we begin to work out how to improve the first iteration.

  2. Yes congratulations to Jeremy.
    On civil servants blogging their work; Owen is open that he’s employed by DfID but although his writing is often about the things his work is about I don’t know whether you’d consider it a work blog in the same way Jeremy’s is.

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