Spectator blogs don't know what day it is

I mentioned yesterday that The Spectator magazine had started its blogging efforts by ‘buying in’ a couple of existing blogs. But there’s something very odd with their technology: if I look at the RSS feeds for the two guest blogs (Stephen Pollard and Clive Davis), both are showing all items as having been published on 5 May 2007. Check your calendars, folks… that’s tomorrow. The Coffee House blog’s feed avoids the problem, by having no dates whatsoever.

(All the feeds have a curious ‘rss.txml’ filename, which I’ve never seen, and no ‘generator’ tag to identify the publishing system being used. Anyone recognise it?)

One thought on “Spectator blogs don't know what day it is”

  1. Looks like they’ve now fixed this… but a very odd thing to happen. What kind of blog configuration can they be using?

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