Sneak preview of Telegraph's reader blogs

Over at the Telegraph, Shane Richmond has a sneak preview of the forthcoming ‘My Telegraph’ feature. A few immediate thoughts… It’s very pretty indeed. I think it (more or less) delivers on my ‘blog of comments’ concept, with a good bit more besides. Very interesting to see the MyBlogLog-style ‘network’ element.

Although it’s certainly an interesting idea, the one part I’m not convinced about (yet) is the Agreement Index. I was quite surprised to see the extent to which the ‘hardcore’ users (based on the sample who attended the recent Open House event) were classic ‘Telegraph people’. I’m not really expecting this site to be a hot-bed of debate – which is both its strength and its weakness. I’ll be surprised if most blogs don’t rate around the 60-70% mark for Agreement. If you don’t fit the mould of a ‘Telegraph person’, I just don’t think you’ll want to blog here.

Incidentally, in case you miss it – Shane reveals a little extra in one of the comments: ‘Photo rights can be notoriously tricky online but what happens if you blog for a publisher who already owns the rights to lots of photos?’ I’m very glad to see this… but as I wrote over a year ago, I expected it to come first from the world of sport, which controls its photo rights even more strictly. There are potentially huge implications to this.