Where's Tony Blair's YouTube chat?

I’ve had a long and busy day, and I want to be in bed. But on 14 April, in a video posted on YouTube, Tony Blair announced that on 23 April, ie today, he would be answering questions from members of the public, posted on the party’s YouTube pages. On 21 April – that’s Saturday just gone, John O’Farrell – who is/was to be the intermediary for the interview – confirmed that ‘on Monday, on this site’ he would be interviewing the Prime Minister.

Well, Monday runs out in a couple of hours… and I’m not seeing any sign of it. Time is running out, Prime Minister. Ooh, that’s ironic. If you do need a fix of Blair video, the pm.gov.uk site has today posted a ‘recorded message of support’ for UN road safety awareness week. Night night, everyone.

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