One-click citizen journalism

I’ve only recently (re)discovered Shozu, the photo uploading program for your mobile phone. It’s a fantastic little application, which can upload to a load of different media-sharing sites… I’m using it exclusively for Flickr, but it also supports Blogger, Picasa, Spaces, YouTube, etc etc. Uploading is generally a one-click task, and the media-browsing capability (on my Nokia Series 60 smartphone) is at least as good as the built-in media Gallery.

Why mention it? Because among the pre-configured uploading services are CNN and BBC News. This is a free piece of software which makes it a one-click task to deliver your ‘citizen journalism’ efforts, in still and moving pictures. When it comes to witness reporting, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

One thought on “One-click citizen journalism”

  1. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your review. We’re happy to hear that you enjoy the citizen journalism aspects of ShoZu and good luck with taking the next big photo or video that gets published by the press!

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