Why won't Miliband mention you-know-what?

I know he’d be attacked for being party-political on a .gov.uk site… but don’t you just wish David Miliband would write something on his blog about what is the biggest talking point in British politics just now? Isn’t it quite surreal for him not to mention it at least? It’s this kind of sterilty which gave his blog a bad name in certain circles. Although, for the record, not here. I know all too well the opposition (active and passive) which Miliband will have faced in having a blog at all. And it’s actually developing a more natural, personal tone of late.

2 thoughts on “Why won't Miliband mention you-know-what?”

  1. Is this an indication that perhaps – like copyright laws – the rules governing what can and can’t be said in government vs party political roles needs revising…. in line with changing media/technology?

  2. I wonder whether it’s a sustainable distinction to make, Simon – or indeed, a worthwhile one. It seems anachronistic in a context shaped by Labour’s preferences for political appointees in special adviser roles (eg Alastair Campbell), and personality-driven media culture.

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