The carp of politics can't be cut

There’s something thoroughly depressing about the comments made by Greg Dyke who – for a few brief hours this afternoon – was going to be the joint Tory-LibDem candidate for London mayor. The Guardian quotes him:

‘I didn’t want to be a Conservative candidate or a Liberal candidate. I said I didn’t want to stand for any political party. I was interested to see if you could change the mould of British politics. The answer is, you can’t.’

I don’t know much about Greg Dyke, but his ‘cut the crap’ philosophy whilst at the BBC held much appeal. Can my idealistic streak survive this kind of downer?

(PS: the headline isn’t a typo… I just don’t want to trigger any obscenity filters.)

3 thoughts on “The carp of politics can't be cut”

  1. You would have my sympathy for living in Newbury.
    But then it is a place custom made for pompous self-serving dickheads like yourself.
    Grow up !

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