Has Web 2.0 .UK done invoicing yet?

Anyone know of a UK-based equivalent of ‘web 2.0’ online invoicing services Freshbooks, SimplyBill or Blinksale? Or failing that, anyone have any positive experiences of using these services from the UK? I really don’t want to set up a manual process to do this sort of thing myself… but it seems nuts to be working around US-centric services, or (even more insane) sending printed invoices from the US.

3 thoughts on “Has Web 2.0 .UK done invoicing yet?”

  1. Hey Simon,
    About 8% of our FreshBooks users (there are 150,000+) are UK based…it’s our third largest market all of which is to say it seems to work pretty well for UK businesses. If you drop me a line I’d be happy to get you directly in touch with some them.
    – Mike

  2. Hi Simon,
    Simplybill is UK based actually – run from the green pastures of the Cotswolds. We’ve just added the ability to send a quote and then convert that over to an proper invoice if needed. PDF exporting is coming in the next week.
    Let me know if you need any info.

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