The (in)flexibility of blogging

I’m helping to put together a business proposal for a new client, based around blogging (although we’re trying not to use the word). I wanted to explain how blogging tools generally encourage a more natural, personal, engaging style of communication. But I can’t decide if this is as a result of:

  • the flexibility inherent in the typical blog platform; or
  • the inflexibility inherent in the typical blog platform.

Flexibility, because you’ve generally got a rich formatting, WYSIWYG-ish, Word-style authoring interface. The ability to create and add new subject tags at will. You can do more or less everything yourself, with no need to work through the IT Department. Being able to reskin your content with (relative) ease.

Inflexibility, because they work a certain way, and you’re stuck with it. One content type (admittedly with minor variations available in certain systems). You don’t waste time thinking about how you would customise a certain aspect, because you can’t customise anything. Call it ‘freedom through restriction’ or something. Anyone know of a smarter description than that?

Speaking of inflexibility… if you’ve never heard Barry Schwartz speak about ‘the paradox of choice’, you really should spend twenty minutes watching this (or listening to it).