Can we help MPs communicate better?

David Wilcox has an interesting roundup of opinions as MPs allocate themselves an extra £10,000 for improved communication. I know there are quite a few readers of this here blog who share my interest in better political comms… would anyone be interested in pooling our efforts, as volunteers or (better) on a professional basis? Not to put too fine a point on it – we all bang on about it on our blogs, but now there’s a £6m pot of money available to do something about it. Feel free to email rather than comment if confidentiality is a factor. Hello at simondickson dot co dot uk.

One thought on “Can we help MPs communicate better?”

  1. Simon – thanks for the mention. My suggestion would be to try and get a group of MPs, agents, researchers together and co-design something with them. That should map solutions better on to needs, and get some sense of ownership of solutions. We’ve been doing this with simple workshop games, including one sponsored by the government’s digital challenge and inclusion team. I’m sure we could adapt it and/or others here

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