New UK gov statistics reflect technology at home and work

Ooh, The Digital Age… sounds all sci-fi, doesn’t it. Actually it’s the latest ‘Focus On‘ report by National Statistics, this time looking at the use of ICT (information and communication technology) in the UK.

If you’re looking for a common thread, it’s probably the growing digital divide, as the ‘haves’ become more and more reliant on it, leaving behind a diminishing rump of ‘have nots’. Nearly half the households in Great Britain have digital TV and internet and at least one mobile phone… but 8 per cent don’t have any of those. But there’s loads of statistical goodness in here, so you’re best off having a good browse around for yourself.

(Quick disclosure: I originally conceived the ‘Focus On’ concept during my time at National Statistics. But that was ages ago. And what you see online now was only meant to be phase one. But I digress…)

Meanwhile, technology has been given a boost in the annual review of items making up the ‘shopping basket’ for calculating inflation. DVD recorders, satnav and DAB radios are in; VCRs, ‘ghettoblasters’ and portable TVs are out. More in this press release (PDF), or if you’re brave, in this lengthy article (PDF).