Stunning cashback deal on 3 mobile phones

I’ve been aware of cashback website Quidco for a while, but only just bothered to sign up to it – because some of the deals on offer are eye-popping. For example… I’m about to reach the end of my current mobile phone contract. And being the online type that I am, I’ve been keeping an eye on 3’s X-Series with unlimited internet access.
The X-Series deals just got a little bit better: for an equivalent of £32.22 per month (over 18 months) you get a free Nokia N73 smartphone, plus web, email, instant messaging and Skype. If you want the newer E65 phone, which really does look lovely, that’ll cost you £50 up front, plus £40 per month. Included in the tariffs are 750 x-net minutes and 150 texts, or 300 mins and 1000 texts. Characteristically generous from 3. But – if you go through Quidco, 3 will give you £100 cash back. Not a typo, folks – that’s a full one hundred.
I’m currently playing my existing network off against the 3 deal, but so far, they can’t even come close. And that’s before I mention the £100 cashback deal. Looks like I’m switching in a few weeks.

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  1. I switched to x-series 3 a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if I’d be that swept away by being able to use mobile web all the time, but it turns out it’s like getting broadband all over again.

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