Broadband downgraded?

I’ve just had the extraordinary experience of having my broadband forcibly downgraded. Until the end of last week, I was happily receiving 2.3Mbps through my generally trusty ISP. Suddenly, it dropped to a snail’s pace – I’m talking slower than dialup. I stuck it out as best I could, until this morning, when I reached for the national-rate helpline number. After a couple of calls, I’ve managed to get 1.1Mbps connectivity restored… but the guy on the helpline tells me that’s the maximum I can get. He didn’t seem convinced when I told him I’d had double that until last week. I’m promised a response within 96 hours. It had better be a restoration of what I had. In the meantime, beggars can’t be choosers. 1.1 meg it is. Zzz.

3 thoughts on “Broadband downgraded?”

  1. Are you with Virgin by any chance? I’m keen to see if ex-Telewest customers hang on to the high quality connection and service they had, or if they get dragged down to NTL standard.
    I’ve never been with NTL but have heard horror stories. When I was with Bulldog things were generally ok, till you had a problem, then it became quite difficult.

  2. In a word… no. Not Virgin, not Telewest, not NTL. But it is one of the bigger players. I’ll keep it anonymous for now, and give them a chance to sort things out. Then I’ll go public. Ha ha ha.

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