The Economist's internal start-up

Call it guerrilla development, call it skunk works… but I have to agree with the Economist staffer working for the magazine’s Project Red Stripe online innovation team:

One of the reasons I think Project Red Stripe exists is because, in general, companies are slow at doing anything other than normal business – and they are probably slow at doing that. It’s just that they have competition that is also slow so they get away with it.

The project consists of six people, a budget of $200,000, free access to everything the Economist does… and a six month deadline. I bet they pull it off, too. Whatever it ends up as. (Thanks to Jeff Jarvis and Antony Mayfield for the pointers.)

One thought on “The Economist's internal start-up”

  1. Hi, I’m working at Project Red Stripe and I’m glad to hear you’re confident! Stay in touch with us via our blog if you want updates.

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