I'm the new BT blogger

As of today, yours truly is the new ‘extra special guest blogger’ at BT Broadband Office. I’ll be contributing a good handful of posts each week on the subject of internet and broadband in the smaller business (in its most general sense possible).
The BT blog attracted quite a bit of attention when it launched back in August last year. (I was actually quite nice about it myself, saying ‘you get the sense that this is going to be a UK-based example that people will quote’.) It comes up by default when any BT business broadband customer logs on… and as a result, the visitor numbersĀ  are actually sky-high by most blogs’ standards, although you probably wouldn’t think so by looking at most blogosphere measurements (eg Technorati).
The mission is to help businesses make the most of their broadband connections. Of course, we’ll be talking about BT products and services when it’s relevant and helpful to do so; but it absolutely isn’t intended to be a BT propaganda outlet. Expect lots of pointers to good websites, services and software from all parts of the web, which might be useful in the workplace. I’ll be joined by a couple of other specialists in certain fields over the next few weeks.
There’s a lot happening at BT in the field of business web presence, and business blogging in particular. All I can say is… it’s worth keeping an eye on them over the coming months. šŸ˜‰

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  1. Congratulations!
    It’s good to see a corporation taking blogging really seriously as a way to add value to their offering.

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