Too much mash on the Beeb's election blog

The BBC has started an Election 07 blog, with the ‘political editors from across the UK’ covering developments ‘throughout the Assembly and Parliament elections’. Currently it’s dominated by next week’s Northern Ireland elections, and hence by NI political editor, Mark Devenport. To an Ulster native like myself, that makes it extra interesting – but I can imagine it turning off a lot of people. Ulster politics is an acquired taste, and is almost certainly incomprehensible to the outsider. I don’t think it works to lump it in with Scotland and Wales.

One thought on “Too much mash on the Beeb's election blog”

  1. Hi Simon,
    From one Ulster native to another.. I worked on setting up the blog. The idea is that people will navigate to the three genre indexes, which are customised to only show relevant content..
    And that’s what we’re promoting from the relevant national indexes. The main index page, that includes info from all three nations, is effectively just a placeholder.
    And the NI election campaign will be done and dusted before the Scottish/Welsh blogs take hold.
    Simon says: Apologies to Aaron for the delay publishing this; caught up in my spam filter.

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