Netgear customer service? Hello?

I’ve been having a few problems with a Netgear wireless network base unit. With the normal support channels not really helping me, I resorted to contacting the Customer Service staff. The Netgear UK website declares:

Should you have any customer service issues, please feel free to contact UK Customer Services at: [email protected]. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response during normal business hours Monday to Friday. Please note that the team responding to this email address are not technical support.

I did contact them. And more than two and a half weeks later, despite numerous follow-ups, I’m still waiting for an acknowledgement of my complaint. There’s a serious problem with either the website editing, or the company’s concept of Customer Service. Neither should be excusable.
Update: would you believe it, I’ve just had a response, and a very positive one too. See, the power of blogging? 😉