Google Reader leapfrogs Bloglines

Complaining about the outdated list of RSS-consuming methods in The Times reminds me of something I meant to flag up before. ReadWriteWeb has analysis, based on two (admittedly contradictory) sources, of the most popular web-based RSS readers. It looks like Google Reader has taken over from Bloglines as the number one, apparently by a significant degree. The global figure would seem to be backed up by the data for this particular patch, with Google Feedfetcher now topping my own feed stats.

Personally I’ve stuck with Bloglines thus far… it does what I want it to do. The only reason I might want to switch over to Google is because I use all their other stuff – mail, search, etc – as my default choice.

2 thoughts on “Google Reader leapfrogs Bloglines”

  1. i’ve found google reader to be a big improvement because of the way it allows me to tag/organise feeds.

  2. Simon, Google Reader is streets ahead of Bloglines, which to me has stood still for the last few years.
    Give reader a go, seriously, but give it at least a week. You end up reading your feeds in a totally different way, which takes getting used to. But it’s worth it!

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