60% of broadband connections are 2 meg or under

Figures published earlier this week by National Statistics show that the UK broadband audience is continuing to expand, with over 79% of all internet connections now broadband. It’s the first time NatStats have published numbers relating to connection speed: they found that 60.1% of broadband connections were 2 meg or less, with 32.5% between 2 and 8 meg, and just 2% at 8 meg plus. But as it’s the first time the data have been published, they offer a note of caution that it may be corrected later. Full results are published in PDF; there’s more info available from here if you’re interested.

I’m surprised more people haven’t been migrated up to the higher speeds; it sounds a slight note of caution, before we all get too carried away with high-quality online video’s possibilities.

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