Blair's petition response(s)

According to the BBC, we’ll get Tony Blair’s response to the road pricing e-petition from 6am tomorrow (Wed). How convenient, just in time to catch the Today programme. If it weren’t covering the big breaking story of the evening, the (apparent) announcement of a withdrawal from Iraq. (Good time to bury bad news, and all that.)

The email that went out on Monday about ID cards is available in full from the No10 website. And the first thing to strike me is, er, how long it is. Well over 1000 words, which pushes the limits of any guidelines for good online writing. To its credit, it’s all in the first person, and clearly has the personal touch, when it could easily have simply been another op-ed article. But for the few who get to the bottom, there’s no obvious call to action. It just leaves us ‘agreeing to disagree’, which doesn’t really help much.

I’m quite impressed by the new ‘big issues’ pages on the No10 site, incidentally. A nice way to package up all the related material, and clearly done with the casual reader in mind. There are a couple of headaches though, with inconsistent use of iconography, and a few not-checked-in-Firefox HTML issues.