Groundhog day for the Stormhoekers

Me, Cath, Hugh and Namibian expat Rob from our rendezvous in Newbury yesterday. Not Reading, as Cath notes. Their national tour actually began on Groundhog Day (2 February), and I guess it’s starting to affect them…
Anyway, I think I know what the ‘Secret Evil Plan‘ is… and yes, it’s going to be memorable for one or two people at least.
Quick update on the wine itself: the entire bottle disappeared in a single sitting, which is unusual for us these days. We were awoken a few times during the night by Screaming Baby, and my head was a little foggier than I had expected. No undue aftereffects by morning, though. I think that’s a positive review..?

One thought on “Groundhog day for the Stormhoekers”

  1. Simon,
    Now I know where my third bottle of Big Love Rose’ went!! I had 3 ion the basket with the strawberries. I got to the checkout with only two.
    Hope your head is fine now and baby let’s you two sleep through tonight.
    It was nice meeting you.
    Be well

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