The Times it is a-changing

Er, is it me or does the new Times website look a lot like the fairly new Telegraph website, only not quite as professional? Both ultra-wide, both very black-and-white… but the Telegraph site just pulls it off better. I’m afraid the Times site just doesn’t look finished… with some glaring problems that surely shouldn’t have got through any serious QA process, like the multi-line headlines running into each other, and the Newsvine / delicious links showing without spaces.

OK, so let’s assume it’ll get better over time. All eyes now on the Guardian… which still hasn’t brought in the Berliner-style masthead. How long do they need?

One thought on “The Times it is a-changing”

  1. atm the Times’ site isn’t loading for me at all apart from the masthead, so I can’t offer an opinion!
    The paper really in need of a website redesign is Guardian Unlimited; GU really ‘get’ the whole new media thing, and as far as I know were first to switch to a mainly advertising-based model. It’s ironic that they still have such a mediochre site.

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