Hard numbers on Second Life

I’m personally getting a bit tired of Second Life. I thought the hype had died down, but then Sky News runs two (or was it more?) packages in the Technofile slot saying how great it is. So thanks to Jeff Jarvis for some hard numbers, which I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

At this morning’s session, John Markoff (New York Times) admits that he hasn’t gotten past the opening and I admit I have not either. It’s small. They have 334,000 “regular visitors,” (David Kirkpatrick of Fortune magazine) says – though that’s only people who come back after a month while 2.6 million have come and most, like Markoff and me, give up.

Er, yeah. Me too. (I keep threatening to try it again, though. I refuse to accept the possibility that I’m just too old for it.) 87% of your registered user base seems a lot to have lost, especially after such a long and painful install/registration process.