How can you condemn the Beeb for listening?

Climbdown! Backtrack! A deluge of complaints! Oh the humiliation! The Guardian eagerly notes that the BBC’s new News 24 on-screen graphics haven’t been universally popular. Or to put it another way, the BBC proactively explained what they were doing, and offered a forum for people to voice their opinion on it. They have listened, and now they’re acting on the feedback. This is unquestionably a good thing.

The Guardian – who, at the same time, trumpet the success of their Comment Is Free debate – should be ashamed of their choice of words here. It sums up everything that’s wrong with the media and public life in the UK. If you dare to talk to your audience, and – heaven forbid! – listen to their responses, you are portrayed as weak. No you’re not.

My verdict, for what it’s worth: I think it’s an improvement. Good riddance to the OUTRAGEOUSLY LARGE FONTS. But doesn’t it look a lot like Sky News now, eh?