Minister, politician, blogger, bloke

Robert Andrews has picked up on comments in the Commons yesterday, which asked the perennial question of where to draw the line between ‘speaking as a minister’ and ‘speaking as a politician’. As I’ve commented, I fear the only reason for the Tories pursuing Purnell and/or Miliband is because that’s what oppositions are there to do, plain and simple. And I think that’s sad.
Cameron and co, be warned. It’s easy to take potshots like this when you aren’t actually in office. What future for Webcameron, one wonders, if/when Dave wins the next election?
(Incidentally… I think I mentioned it before, I’m really enjoying the post-PMQs videos which Cameron is offering on the Webcameron site. Here’s today’s on-the-hoof example. But it does feel disturbingly like a Sky Sports post-match interview. How long before we see party donors’ logos on a backdrop?)

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