How hard can it be to buy a laptop?

I’m in the market for a new laptop – and I can’t believe how difficult the manufacturers (software and hardware) are making it. Deep down I want to buy a MacBook, but I know the new version of Mac OS X (10.5 – codename Leopard) is due out imminently. Nobody is talking about a ‘free upgrade if you buy now’; nobody is giving a clue as to the release date, other than ‘spring’. That isn’t much help if you’re looking to buy in a matter of weeks rather than months. The total lack of information from last week’s MacWorld show was a real disappointment, and very out-of-character for Apple.

So instead, sadly, I fear it’s going to have to be another Windows machine. Same problem. Vista is due out at the end of the month, but there’s very little information on manufacturers’ or retailers’ websites about what they will be selling, as and when. I’m also not seeing much in the way of ‘buy it now, get Vista free later’ deals.

If anyone knows of any good (future-proof) deals, please pass them on!

2 thoughts on “How hard can it be to buy a laptop?”

  1. Simon, I’m also looking for a new laptop and many websites are offering free either free (from XP Prof or Media) or £45 (from XP Home) upgrades to Vista. I think it is funded by the manufacturer/Microsoft rather than retailers as it only applies to some brands.

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