Suffolk suspect on Myspace

This morning Suffolk Police announce the detention of an unnamed 37-year old man. By this evening, we know all there is to know about former special constable, Tesco employee and part-time taxi driver Tom Stephens. Even down to the address of his Myspace profile (now offline, thankfully). Suddenly this brings a whole new dimension to the ‘social networking’ thing. The Daily Mail website has details of what was there before it got removed. (Er, did I just link to the Daily Mail? Wow.)

Incidentally, while we’re on the subject: Sky News has done a Google map with embedded video (served by their new mates at Google Video) in the popup windows. I’m not sure I like the execution: the code looks like it was hacked together in Word (surely not?), the design could certainly have been much much better, and the use of the Sky News (wide rectangular) logo for the pinpoints is a bit daft. But I’m all for the innovation.