Redwood joins the blogging ranks

I suppose it’s good news for the blogosphere to see Tory MP and former leadership candidate John Redwood joining our ranks. I’m not sure he’s as relevant or as influential today as he used to be, but he’s a big name recruit.

Redwood, incidentally, is the chair of one of David Cameron’s various ‘policy review groups’ – which are, depending on your point of view, a way to tap into the experience of the party veterans; or a way of keeping the potentially awkward old gits quiet. There’s a mini-network of blogs supporting these: for example, Redwood’s own Economic Competitiveness Policy Group. All seem to be WordPress-powered (again), and include ‘social web’ links to, digg, newsvine and Yahoo. The addresses were registered this time last year, but the sites themselves only seem to have sparked into life in the last few months.