Speculation rife as Ordnance Survey CTO quits

Interesting gossip over at Techcrunch UK about the departure of Ordnance Survey‘s Chief Technology Officer, Ed Parsons. There’s really no arguing with the statement that Ordnance Survey missed the ‘web 1.0’ boat, and it isn’t showing any signs of catching the second wave either. Techcrunch say:

we gather from sources that it may have been because he was interested in rocking the boat at Ordnance Survey, especially over its Web 1.0 attitude to sharing data with outside firms, and his declared interest in the free data debate.

If you’re looking for evidence that this is a man on the web 2.0 wavelength… er, have a look at this. Says it all. As one who has faced similar trials and tribulations, trying to kick a public sector dinosaur into shape, I know what you’re going through, Ed. Drop me an email if you fancy a beer.

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