Public sector's own YouTube goes live

PublicTV, produced by Ten Alps, has activated a beta version of its website promising ‘fast and free access to
high quality government, public sector, professional training, and business videos’. In practice, what that seems to mean is a repository for public sector organisations to host and stream video content. Yes folks, it’s YouTube for public information films. Gulp.

The site promises free encoding, hosting and streaming for content suppliers; and will happily accept enquiries from public sector organisations wanting to commission video… which hints at their principal business model. Ten Alps themselves are principally a production company, and by reducing the cost and complexity of hosting, they’re presumably hoping to generate revenue around the content itself. Heaven knows, media budgets in government tend to be more generous, and less closely monitored, than in the commercial world.

There’s an encouragingly broad selection of short films to choose from, even in these early days, delivered in a combination of Flash and Windows Media formats. Clearly taking a cue from YouTube, you can comment on what you see, generate playlists, and see what everyone else is watching. You can’t fault the production values; much better than one would probably expect from within government, and delivered on time too.

There’s more than enough video material sloshing round Whitehall and its environs to keep the site ticking over. Whether there’s much demand for it is another matter.

3 thoughts on “Public sector's own YouTube goes live”

  1. Hmmm. The YouTube comparison isn’t really there is it? This site is hardly a model of user generated content and more, as you say, as a big advert for Ten Alps’ video production business.
    But at least people are making the connection between the public sector and online media!

  2. It would be interesting to know why they decided against letting people post these videos to their own sites, as we know this is the real killer feature on YouTube and other similar sites.
    Also struggling to find any RSS feeds???

  3. I really wonder if public tv will take off. I looked at the site and am still not too sure. I think it all depends on the quality of the material.

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