TV reviews for the social generation

I completely agree with Peter Preston’s thoughts in Sunday’s Observer about the demise of the TV critic. The mass audience moments are gone… I mean, can you remember the last time you had a conversation about ‘did you see X on telly last night?’ But the core need – to ‘connect and share experiences’ remains. You just have to look harder to find the right community to share with.

I’m absolutely convinced there’s a market out there for a brilliant TV community website. The UK needs a site with reliable previews of stuff you want to watch, before it’s broadcast – or at least, pointing to a further ‘viewing opportunity’ (ie repeat) later in the week. There’s just too much out there, in too many places, and you need people to ‘mark your card’ ahead of time. These previews would be followed up by the community’s comments. It’s a site I would use every single day, but nobody has built it yet. So I might. 🙂

One thought on “TV reviews for the social generation”

  1. I totally agree – gone are those days (unless you know lots of people who watch soaps). A site with heads-up on progs (including radio) would be really good – can’t believe there isn’t one yet!

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