Hello world

A quick check of my blog stats reveals that my comments on yesterday’s first half hour of Al Jazeera English got picked up by Slate, the Guardian and the BBC’s Arabic website. Even my cynical side gets a bit excited at seeing my name under their mastheads, and so completely unexpectedly. Did nobody else think to blog about it? Hi to anyone following those links, by the way. And if you can tell me what the Arabic page says about me, even better. 🙂

One thought on “Hello world”

  1. hey there…i wrote the entry on the BBC blog which linked to your post. it’s just a quick review of what bloggers, specially in the US, where saying on the day of the launch…your post was one of a few non-US blogs i linked to. i just desceibed your entry as a calm analysis of jaz, as opposed to many not so calm entries….

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