Skype, you need to offer voicemails-by-email. Now.

There’s a new beta version of the free Skype ‘internet phone calls’ software, but I’m still bitterly disappointed by one glaring omission. Even when you become a paying customer, with an incoming phone number (for normal phones to call) and a voicemail account, there’s no way to get your voicemails emailed to you. Rival product Gizmo Project does this… and it does it free of charge.

I want to use Skype. It’s the cool tool, with at least some degree of name recognition (although I can count on one hand the number of calls I’ve ever received on it). The video chat is really cute. But it eats system resources, and uses the same port used by a webserver, which is a pain when I’m doing any code testing.

Listen, Skype: seriously, you need to sort out a way to email me my voicemails, as an MP3 attachment or something. Otherwise there is simply no compelling reason for me to stay with you, and I will switch to Gizmo. Reluctantly.