Free video of full NHL ice hockey games

As panic spreads regarding video sharing sites and copyrighted material, it’s a pleasant surprise to see one rights-holder going the entirely opposite direction. If you’re an ice hockey fan like myself, you’re now able to watch classic and current games from every NHL team, streamed by Google Video, or even downloaded to your PSP/iPod.

The NHL really irritated its fans, when it failed to put on a season 2004-05 due to industrial relations problems. They’ve made some smart moves to win the fans back, and I see this move as part of that. I can’t imagine many, apart from the hardcore fans, finding the time to spend two hours plus watching entire games… and you’d be getting enough of their money anyway. Ironically, if you want to watch the (considerably) lower-quality spectacle of the UK’s Elite League, you’ll have to pay £75 a year.

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