Health and Safety Executive running WordPress

Just noticed another ‘non-blog’ in government circles… since May this year, the Health and Safety Executive has been running a news website,, based on WordPress v2.0.2. A little disappointingly, though, its sole purpose seems to be linking back to the main HSE website, with each ‘blog posting’ barely a paragraph. (Does that constitute a ‘link farm‘?) Getting on for 100 categories, archiving by date, but as you’d probably expect, no comment function.

It’s not dissimilar to the Typepad-based Find Out More non-blog I set up for the Department for Education and Skills about the same time (or slightly earlier 🙂 ). And with a bit of luck, I should have news of another major government department doing likewise, within a week or two. I’ve done (virtually) all the tech work… it’s just a question of them being ready to roll.