First government campaign on Myspace?

HSE on Myspace?!I can’t really go without commenting on the ‘Better Backs‘ campaign being run at the moment by the Health and Safety Executive. An interactive rollover Flash advert caught my attention… one of the first I’ve seen from the public sector. Click on it, and you find yourself on the site for BAACKPAIN, an 80s heavy metal band on its reunion tour (or something). Click a bit further, and bloody ‘ell, if you don’t end up on Myspace.
Hey, it’s certainly an attention grabber… and I bet the creative team had a right laugh doing it. I’m imagining a whiteboard with the word ‘back’, then ‘spine’, and then ‘Spinal Tap’. But speaking as someone who can recite more or less the entire script from memory, I don’t see the references going any further. The Darkness, maybe. Lita Ford, even. (Never knew she was a Brit, incidentally.) No sign of Nigel, David or Derek.
This is not your run-of-the-mill government campaign website. And full credit to them for that, at the very least.