Yes I do want a camera on my smartphone

Sony Ericsson M600One of the most valuable lessons I picked up during a stint in proper journalism (with Sky News) was the maxim that ‘if you can’t be bothered writing it, nobody will be bothered reading it.’ So with that in mind, I’ve just deleted a half-finished post about the Sony Ericsson M600 mobile phone. I was going to spend a few hundred words wondering how such a gorgeous smartphone – which, finally, might be the perfect combination of phone and PDA – can possibly be shipped without a camera of any sort. But one sentence is probably adequate. Still a lovely bit of kit, though.

2 thoughts on “Yes I do want a camera on my smartphone”

  1. I’m looking for something that’s a fraction closer to a PDA, to be honest. The qwerty keyboard on the M600 really appeals… assuming it makes it a bit easier to type on. I still think T9 is one of the great inventions of all time… but no matter how great, I can’t realistically see myself typing anything longer than a text message with it.

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