Nick Robinson apologies for Pritchard appearance

Very interesting to read Nick Robinson’s comments on his ambivalence towards his appearance in last night’s Mrs Pritchard thing. In offering something of a confession, and questioning the editorial judgement of his peers and/or superiors, he demonstrates perfectly the transparency and humanity which makes blogging successful. It’s precisely the sort of thing Robert Scoble used to get praised for whilst at Microsoft. But then again, Nick’s  a virtual nobody in cyberspace; his blog is only the 63rd most important political blog in the country, according to the author of Britain’s second most important political blog (same league table).

It used to really amuse me when you saw ‘real’ news reporters appearing in fiction. Frankly I’m getting a bit bored of it.

Me? I didn’t watch Mrs Pritchard last night. As revealed exclusively here last week, I watched Danny Wallace monkeying around with chimpanzees and bonobos. Much more interesting, and probably more politically valid. If you didn’t see the show, you can watch it on broadband here for the next week.